Big Real Estate Companies Use The Best Data To Find Motivated Sellers – Now You Can Too!

It’s almost cheating, the big real estate companies have had this data for years. Do you know who Black Knight is? How about Core Logic? Real Estate Professionals lack the funds and knowledge needed to build homeowner data machines, leaving only the richest real estate companies with access to premium data, while the rest of us are forced to settle for their leftovers.

Real Estate Professionals who are using outdated, subpar data are driving with the parking brake on in the race for motivated sellers, while the big real estate companies are showing up with a Lamborghini. Who do you think has a better chance of winning? 

The big real estate companies have a better chance of finding higher quality and a higher volume of motivated sellers for one reason only; they are armed with the best and most effective tools, making finding motivated sellers easy. This all starts with clean and effective homeowner data, the kind of data only they have access to… or do they?

What if the rest of the real estate industry could have access to the extremely high caliber homeowner data the pros use? What if you could? How would that change your business forever?

By adding this tool to your motivated seller toolbox, you can stack the odds in your favor to get a leg up on not only the big real estate companies, but also all the other real estate professionals who are settling for subpar data just like you were before.

Luckily for you, Geopoint Data has developed the machines, systems and industry connections necessary to produce the best data in the industry, giving you the ability to get yourself on the same playing field as the big real estate companies.

Cool thing is, it gets better. Not only does Geopoint Data give you access to the best data in the world, but also they can give you lists of homeowners who are, on average, 537% more likely to move in the next 6 months when compared to other lists, based on a study tracking move rates on over 700,000 homes.

This data was created by real estate professionals who actively use this data to build their real estate investment portfolio.

Geopoint Data has a diverse and experienced founders group; one of its founders has been flipping houses since 2003. They bought hundreds of houses in 2010 & 2011 and have been using 1031 exchanges to roll their portfolio since opening for business. Since 2015, Geopoint Data has been honing machines & running algorithms to predict the likelihood of a homeowner selling their home inside 6 months. We actively collect thousands of data points on homeowners across the United States from government records, tax assessor offices and private & public consumer marketing databases. 

Predict Motivated Sellers

We predict homeowners selling their homes because we know more about the person and the property than anyone. This data has always been private, reserved for law enforcement, private investigators, financial institutions & debt collectors but now you can have access to this data.

There are just under 200 consumer & property data points. Our system takes into account over 150 of them to predict the likelihood of selling their house in under 6 months.

Our consumer file includes things like household age, income & education level. We know job titles, length within the job, age of the homeowner, age of the occupants, how old the kids are & whether or not they live in the property. Additionally, we purchase & warehouse municipal court & recorder records including household felony and misdemeanors, property personal liens, court-ordered judgments, personal bankruptcy, and evictions. 

Our algorithms consider property file characteristics like original purchase date & price, the home’s current value in comparison to purchasing price, length of residence, last refinance, the amount of money still likely owed on home & neighborhood sales trends

Take a look at the infographic below showing a fragment of the process your data goes through when you order Motivated Seller Lead Lists from Geopoint Data

How To Find Motivated Sellers

This is the kind of data that sets your business apart from your competition. Imagine knowing your motivated seller data is based on filtering homeowners by analyzing over 150 consumer and property indicators and sending you only the highest Sell Scored homeowners.

Can you feel the advantage this gives you over your competition, who is still driving to their local municipal courts to pull lists, only to have to spend the same amount of money to skip trace their data as you are paying for your premium data lists through Geopoint Data? They don’t stand a chance!

Check out Geopoint Data’s Motivated Seller Data to learn more.

If you are looking for specific indicator lists, Geopoint Data offers several varieties of individual and stacked indicator data lists to fit any of your custom needs. Need skip-tracing on any of your lists? We got you covered with the most cost-effective skip-tracing in the industry.

With our data, you will be the hero in your family & a legend among real estate professionals.

Author Spotlight:

Dustin DeFrates

DeFrates was born & raised in Chicago. DeFrates discovered real estate freshman year at Marquette University in Milwaukee at an internship at Wangard Partners. He later transferred to the University of Illinois business school for finance specializing in commercial real estate. After U of I, Dustin moved to Az in 2003 fully expecting a residential market boom. He flipped hundreds of houses, built over 85 apartments & single family homes & with a recent college education assumed the market was going to crash in 2006 & dropped out early. Had a blast in Chicago for a couple years, came back to Az expecting to figure out how to take advantage of the crash. Started a brokerage in Summer 2007 with over 150 short sale listings, failed – the short sale model was too early. Became a licensed Realtor in 2008 & ended up saving over 300 people from foreclosure with short sales in 3 years. 2010-2012 bought 100 of the worst homes in all of Phoenix Metro & gut remodeled them all. DeFrates has since rolled that portfolio multiple times using 1031 & reverse 1031X fueled by his ability to produce consistent wholesale inventory. After stabilizing the brokerage, the portfolio roll & associated construction & property management operations, DeFrates co-founded Geopoint Data & The Call Gurus.